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My name is Shawn Pan and I am a senior studying Computer Science at Swarthmore College. I enjoy bringing ideas into real life and am passionate about creating digital products that can make a positive impact in people’s daily life. I took the academic year 2015-2016 off from Swarthmore and founded SP Studio, a digital agency dedicated to serving the immigrant-owned businesses around Los Angeles. I am currently interning at Yelp and really admire the scale in which Yelp is able to promote small, local businesses.

In my free time, I enjoy reading and dancing salsa. I am also an avid backpacker and enjoy learning about different cultures. I am currently reading Harry Potter in Spanish to refresh my Spanish.

Interesting Facts about me

  • During my gap year in 2015, I backpacked in Mexico and Colombia for a few months.
  • I consider myself a beginner stoic.
My Journeys in the world